the "Thugs Series"

"It is the gur that changes our nature ..."




Join Firangia in this journey of romance and adventure, devotion, crime and deception, set in the year 1819, through villages, jungles and small towns. Read in this second edition of Mukta Singh-Zocchi's acclaimed novel about grandiose ambitions pitted against petty schemes, love and deceit, and what in our modern times is termed evil. You will find in this intellectually ambitious, meticulously researched, action-packed historical fiction a broader, age-independent significance.

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ठग उन्नीसवीं शताब्दी भारतीय पृष्ठपट को चीरती हुई एक रोमांस और रोमांच कथा है. यह एक प्रेम-कहानी है, जिसमें धोखा है, हार भी है. आज के दौर में जिसे ग़लत कहा जाएगा, इसमें वो है. ठग भारतवर्ष में रेलगाड़ियों के आने के पूर्व के उन दिनों की कहानी है जब यात्री आपसी सुरक्षा के लिये बड़े कारवां में यात्रा करते थे. फ़िरंगिया दक्खन से हिंदुस्तान वापस लौटते हुए एक व्यापारी दल के युवा नेता के रूप में यात्रा कर रहा था, असल में ठग दल का नेता था. यात्रियों को मारने का उसे दिव्य आदेश था. उधर अपनी छोटी सी पलटन को साथ लिये, आज़ादी के लिये हिंदुस्तान की किसी बड़ी सेना में शामिल होने पर आमदा चंदा बाई पूना की एक क्षत्रिया थी, देश-प्रेमी थी. भाग्य से या जान बूझ कर, फ़िरंगिया और चंदा बाई के रास्ते अनेकों बार मिले. चंदा बाई फ़िरंगिया से प्रेम करने लगी और आखिरकार दोनों यात्रा-दल एक साथ रास्ता तय करने लगे. धीरे धीरे इरादों के खुलासे होने लगे. छिपे रूप सामने आने लगे. दोनों की साज़िशें एक दूसरे पर हावी होने लगीं. कभी प्रेमी, कभी धोखेबाज़, एक स्वांग रच रहा था, दूसरा सच्चा प्रेमी था. प्यार का ये खेल दोनों को ही महंगा पड़ा.

मुक्ता सिंह-ज़ौक्की के 2014 में प्रकाशित सुप्रसिद्ध व चर्चित उपन्यास The Thugs and a Courtesan का अब हिन्दी अनुवाद पढ़िये

List Price ₹ 300

You pay ₹ 250 (paperback)

₹ 150 (Kindle)

"A strange page in the book of human life is this! Thought I, as he left the room. That man, the perpetrator of so many hundred murders, thinks on the past with satisfaction and pleasure ..." Meadows Taylor's 1839 classic "Confessions of a Thug" now with new illustrations from the album of Colonel James Skinner

List Price ₹ 150




The suspense hangs thick and non intuitive climaxes abound throughout the story … As I close the book, and reflect on the cover more stories emerge within my mind … In short an amazing story a brilliant story teller. ...

- Sushil Bajpai

Anu Lal,

The Indian Commentator

With the background of historical events, stands out among other Indian writings in English in our time in its ambition and impact ...

 The Thugs and a Courtesan questions several norms of morality using its subtle narration and plot ...

Nitin Vadher, Fountain of Joy

The proper description of night, the villages and jungle, deserted areas while travelling, the temple of Lordess Kali in the middle of the jungle are truly awesome, it seems that you are watching a movie. This book is about love and betrayal.

The narrative brings the times and the characters to life. The prologue set me up for the adventure. Beautifully written, extensively researched and exquisitely presented, it was a delight to read ...

- Sushil Bajpai

Gems of Indian folk-lore and one liners are scattered through out - just at the right time and place. The syntax, phrases and vocabulary brings the pre-rail India alive. The love is palpable. The names and places are authentic and the story entirely plausible, without giving away the mystery, mystique, and suspense. In my opinion this part is best read gently, slowly to allow the theme to percolate and settle in ...

- Sushil Bajpai

For those who are interested in an Indian English fiction with a folklore touch to its narration, The Thugs and a Courtesan would be satisfying. Mukta Singh-Zocchi has succeeded in bringing tension and emotional conflict even through the haze and matrix of life and times in the pre-independent India.

- The Indian Commentator

Shounak Ghosal,   Times of India

"... the dramatic storyline is peppered with interesting characters like Zalim Singh - a former thug who killed merely for pleasure ... and even Chanda Bai may have a secret. If historical fiction is your thing, then this might be worth a slot"

"... An excellent read - would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys this genre. Very well researched and written - in fact I'm surprised not to find other books by this author!"

- Hanil Maghlani, Amazon reader review


""When you buy it, you are promoting the literature of your country.""

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